Lets talk about…me

Explaining me is easy. Brought up in North West England, studied in Wales, and slowly working (literally and figuratively) around The World ever since.

Sometimes I’m getting really enthusiastic about working for an amazing company that ‘makes machine data accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone’, other times I’m excited about helping people better understand blockchain technology through the medium of Block3.

If not being a nerd, then I’ve probably got tight hold of a camera, attempting to be mildly creative instead.

Add a worrying trajectory towards being a silver fox by 30, and you have me down to a tee.

Lets talk about…this

I’ve kept a personal website running on-and-off since I started university in 2011. Sometimes it was a single page virtual business card, once a blog, sometimes a portfolio, and very often a 503 error because I forgot to pay my server fees (sorry, digital ocean!)

This time, I’m leaving the door more open. And setting up a direct debit.

For those interested in my photography, let this be a gallery and portfolio of my latest and greatest work.

If you’re looking for something a little more intellectual,┬áthen join me when I play with the new technologies and platforms out there: investigating, reviewing, researching, and experimenting.

Or maybe you just heard about my 50-by-30 challenge and reckon the internet definitely needs a new travel blogger. Worry not my friend, for that’ll be here too.

All this and more is what this page is for. A blank canvas for thoughts, creations, impressions.

If you want to know more, why not contact me?